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Our Latest!

Pepakura is a new trend from Japan which is more than only a continuation of origami. Let´s call Pepakura as an extension and at the same time a new challenge in the field of paper folding. First of all Pepakura simply stands for paper model. But the special feature of Pepakura is the combination of haptic paper crafts and computer technology. Pepakura – an innovation from Japan and a must for every paper craftsman. Additionally, here, in the Pepakura network, the craftsman will find many exciting Pepakura templates and gets advice on how to work with the Pepakura Designer.

Pepakura – 3D paper art

Pepakura brings life into the boring paper. One can craft various figures and objects in 3D style. In contrast to Origami, Pepakura works with templates or patterns, as the case may be which can be downloaded as pdf document (partly true to scale), cut out, folded and pasted. This is not an easy task. But the ambitious paper craftsman usually does not fear any complex challenges. Moreover, beginners have the option to start with simple forms and figures and then to increase the level of difficulty step by step. For example: One can start with a simple building and with patience and practice one perhaps will able to conjure up the Pepakura Opera House of Sydney on the kitchen table.

Pepakura – a colourful world of paper

Pepakura is handicrafting on a varied and individual way. Who is still speaking about the window clings or lanterns for the St. Martins procession or the advent season? Here comes the outcome still astonished by the viewer! Pepakura is the best counter-argument for those who still think that paper crafting is just a two-dimensional matter. At pepakura.net a great and colourful mixture of templates (pdf files) is available which can be downloaded for free. The full range extends from Pepakura home decoration to much detailed work of Pepakura aircraft models. Should the kids’ birthday party being an original celebration where every guest can take home a nice souvenir? With Pepakura and a little bit of time and patience You can create a mask of each kid’s favourite animal.

Pepakura individually

With Pepakura You can also decorate Your home, matching to the seasons. Christmas decoration or a gingerbread house made of paper will give You such a special decoration which are most certainly cannot be ordered in any store. Those who enjoy modelling can furthermore download a variety of patterns of architectural art, aircraft and car models. Thanks to Pepakura even funny characters and animals will get a three-dimensional life. So it is possible to create Your own Pepakura zoo, Pepakura Jurassic Park or Pepakura farm. When the Gorilla meets a Tyrannosaurus Rex, made up of paper, ensures amazement not only because of the extraordinary constellation.

Pepakura – the Pepakura Designer not only for full professionals

The expert is seldom satisfied with templates. Either he already tried with all the Pepakura options or he would like to face a special challenge due to the own creativity. Files of 3D models can be imported to the Pepakura Designer. The Pepakura Designer will subdivide these models into patterns which then can be printed out and built up. Here the amateur architect is asked. With the Pepakura Designer it is possible to turn the own dream house into paper. Or maybe You want to put a Pepakura model of Your cat as faithfully as possible in Your cupboard?

The Pepakura Designer in the pepakura forum

For using the Pepakura Designer3D model is required, a Pepakura expert can create on his own or he can find it in the internet. If one wants to recreate the latest BMW he can search his model in a 3D-objects-database and download it for free or buy it. Even architects use platforms on the internet which provide models for free or for exchange. In any case, it is worth to have a look at the Pepakura forum as here You will certainly get one or another advice concerning the new 3D files.