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Kids’ birthday

A challenge for pedagogically thinking parents: The kids’ birthday. Of course one can choose the easy way by spending the kids’ birthday in a fast food restaurant, spending the kids’ birthday in the cinema, banning the kids’ birthday, replacing the kids’ birthday with a family outing, organizing the kids’ birthday with games (sack race, Hit the Pot, Ding Dong Ditch) which are since decades just exciting only for the adults, overstraining the kids on the kids’ birthday (e.g. with a panel discussion of the German reunification) or one can turn the kids’ birthday into a memorable entertaining experience which keeps the balance between rampage, feast and concentrated craft tasks. No idea for kids’ birthday? Here comes Pepakura into play.

Kids’ birthday idea

It is not necessary to plan the kids’ birthday strategically, the appeal of a good kids’ birthday idea lies in its’ simplicity and its’ flexible application possibilities. Every seasoned person would pat You on the back if You organize a crafting program for kids’ birthday. Of course the requirements must be tailored to the kids’ birthday guests according to the age of the kids. This is easily possible with Pepakura. There are kids’ birthday ideas in every level of difficulty, and what is more important for the small party guests, they can – if necessary – be implemented without dangerous tools. The younger the kids’ birthday guests are, the more comprehensive the preparatory work is...

The kids’ birthday and the Pepakura diversity

In any case there is no lack of practicable kids’ birthday ideas in the world of Pepakura. For example: masks are an exciting matter for the very young party guests, there are bear masks, clown masks, reindeer masks, witch and rabbit masks etc. Comparatively easy to implement are also headgears like crowns – not necessarily the birthday kid can only be the queen of a kids’ birthday. Garlands are a little bit more complex and requires willingly working party guests – no implicitness. Kids’ birthdays and respectively kids’ birthday ideas must be planned ahead and if the composition of the guests allows perhaps simple Pepakura figures can be tried out.

3D kids’ crafts

And with this we really arrived at Pepakura3D kids’ crafts at kids’ birthdays – everyone can create fantastic figures out of simple paper sheets, e.g. the legendary Pepakura dragon – after all we are dealing here with crafting trend from the Far East. Pepakura requires concentration, accuracy and love for the matter...if these skills are too much to ask for, then one should not arrange kids’ birthdays at all. For example paper planes are a good kids’ birthday idea. In fact these are not the classical ones from the class room but completely different models, from Glider to a small Boeing, which is identifiable as such, through to a biplane for those kids’ birthday guests who don´t need to return home at six o´clock. And the great thing is: These paper planes do really fly, the kids’ birthday guests can build up the plane and afterwards use it – such deep thinking adults are very seldom.

For very ambitious parents:
the Pepakura Designer at the kids’ birthday

The supreme discipline at the kids’ birthday: The use of the Pepakura Designer. Admittedly granted, it is a daring enterprise, but an exciting (and already proved) idea. With Pepakura one can illustrate the creation of a 3D paper model from design through to implementation. Of course just simple geometrical firgures are suitable for the length of an afternoon. Therefore the kids’ birthday will be more instructive than the Mouse TV and the kids have something over the adults when they go home. The kids’ birthday idea: One creates a 3D model on the big screen in front of the kids (as already said, it must be simple figure) – with some experience, special wishes of the kids’ birthday guests can be considerd – afterwards applies the model into the Pepakura Designer, which turns it into a cut-out-sheet, prints the cut-out-sheets and give them to the kids for crafting. Curious? This is of no consideration.