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What advantages does a registration at pepakura.net offer me?

After registration You have access to "My Area".

Currently the option "Watchlist!" in the creations-detail view offers You the best benefits! So You can browse quite relaxed and add the best creations to the watchlist without interruption. From there just download everything You like!

Another useful option is "My Downloads"!
Here all Your downloads are listed, whether free or fee required, and that too over a period of one year! Of course, these data are only visible to You!

To upload your own creations, or to purchase a fee required creation, registration is necessary in any case!

At pepakura.net I can offer my creations for sale. What is the procedure?

  • You have to register in advance, You will find in "My Area".

  • Then You can immediately start to upload one or more of Your creations. The selling price is determined by You!

  • You get 70 % of each sold creation.

  • Once Your earned credits have exceeded a total of 50, we´ll transfer the Money to Your specified account (moneybookers / PayPal).

  • The remaining 30% stay with pepakura.net. In return, we offer you the international dissemination of your creations, with a constantly increasing reach!

I found a great creation which I absolutely have to show my friends! What is the quickest way?

On each site pepakura.net offers You the button …

Simply click on the creation and press the button. From there You can directly send a link to a friend!

I´d like to be kept informed! Where can I find the RSS Feed, Newsletter & Twitter?

We placed 3 buttons in the top left, next to the pepakura.net logo!

We only need your e-mail address, and then you will regularly receive information about all the latest improvements that are going on at pepakura.net!

Of course, You can unsuscribe at any time. And… of course, it´s a matter of honour for us to keep Your data confidential and not to give it away!

I would like to link from my site on my creations! How does it work?

If it should be "only" a text link, the necessary source code looks like this:

<a href="http://www.pepakura.net/pepakura/my-creation.html" target="_blank">My creation on pepakura.net!</a>

Where You have to replace "my-creation.html" with the corresponding site!

The best way is to copy the entire line from the adress bar of Your browser.

At this point … many thanks in advance!