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To the last big question: Whaft does the Pepakura lover do with his craft work, the source of his joy? The simple answer is: decoration. Those who like crafting accumulate rapidly a large number of artworks, which are special to the craftsmen, if they are succeeded. Homes of diligent amateur craftsmen are louche to always overflow with uniform figures, steam engines, pictures or other specializations of the craftsman. Here the decoration turns into a burden, a joke, an unavoidable confrontation with the partner or even worse. Pepakura is however, certainly a decorating miracle. The variety of possible subjects provides a rich variety of the subsequent usage. Therefore the amateur craftsman, of course needs, to get into changing decoration supplies like for the seasons or any festivities.

To craft decoration

One can craft, for example, quite wonderful kids’ room decorations; there are also very nice Pepakura mobiles, the classical ones among the Pepakura decorations. There is an incredible diversity to craft Christmas decorations, to craft Easter decorations, to craft St. Nicholas decorations, to craft Far Eastern New Year decorations, to craft spring decorations, to craft Thanksgiving decorations, to craft Halloween decorations, to craft birthday decorations, or to craft carnival decorations. At least for these festivities and certainly even further ones, by now there are Pepakura models and Pepakura ideas available, which can be implemented with different work effort and of course in the desired intensity.

Decoration figures

Although there are obviously attractive, small complex landscape pictures, which can vary related to the seasons, to conform to external conditions will not satisfy the Pepakura professional in long. The best of Pepakura are still the figures, amazing 3D creatures, which can not be identified as hardly being much more then paper and a bit of spit. One simply has to understand their value as decoration figures. It will always run out like this - the prehistoric reptiles, the Pepakura craftsman creates, are not longer prehistoric reptiles but decoration figures, the wild animal park becomes a collection of decoration figures, the robot army will be used as decoration figures, the cartoon heroes become decoration figures, also the Japanese 500 cc racers become decoration figures.

Angel decorations

Now, we come to the only major deficiency, the last blank spot on the Pepakura map: angel decorations. In the Far East, where Pepakura became a crafting trend, it doesn’t seem to be on the agenda. Until now, our mythical, winged magical beings, which are popular here, especially every year during the Christmas time, were just insufficiently discovered and created by the Pepakura craftsmen. A challenge for users of the Pepakura Designer! We are convinced that soon there will be angel decorations for the windows, angel decorations for side tables, angel decorations for the crib under the Christmas tree and angel decorations for the whole remaining church year.

Pepakura decorations for friends

And if, despite all the versatility, the joy of crafting triumphs over the capacity of the own living space, the Pepakura willy-nilly have to be given away to friends and relatives. They would not mind it as long as the Pepakura decorations are adjusted to the taste of the presentees…Here again the Pepakura diversity is an advantage, for each hobby, for each age and for each profession there is an appropriate Pepakura idea available and especially self made gifts are known as coming from the heart.