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Is paper crafting old hat? No, not at all! Of course there are some people who say that paper, which is nearly 1900 years old, is an outdated medium, however who keeps his eyes open, will see what amazing things can be crafted with paper: There are already hot-air balloons which are sealed with layers of paper, there are lamps made of paper, paper umbrellas, headdress made of paper, wallpapers, lanterns, kites, streamers, confetti, cardboard models, paper theater, paper airplanes, paper flowers, in some places paper is traditionaly used for building houses. And there is Pepakura.


It´s all about crafting with paper: For every occasion we decorate with paper crafting, like paper decorated trees, windows and ceilings. All gifts, not only the crafted ones, are presented by wrapping with paper. Craft works are made with love, that’s why they have a special charm and they are the most beautiful way to show Your affection by giving them during the special occasions. We want to encourage everyone for crafting because crafting is more than the most ambitious achievement of a goal. How does the phrase go? The journey is the reward! Crafting is for young and old people a wonderful method to learn the handling of different materials easily. The craft work with scissors, paste, ruler and soft pencil teaches the art of concentration precision, and to read and understand the craft instructions completely different skills are required. When the children and parents are working together for a crafting project which is directed towards a common objective, there are plenty of opportunities to encourage and trust each other and to know each other abilities better.

Self Crafting

Self crafting is for everyone, whether with or without the help of a craft instruction, there are those complex Mother´s Day gifts, hearts,  boxes,  flowers and figurines, which are hard to make without craft instructions, while for other crafting tasks boundless imagination and creativity are required to execute the self crafting. There are trends from the Far East, for which people can hardly abandon one of the mentioned elements. For example one can´t think about Origami without a crafting instruction, for that a high level of concentration is required and sometimes the degree of artistic freedom is somehow restricted.

Crafting with Pepakura

Quite different is the case with Pepakura. Those who do self crafting and want to face the pleasurable and exciting way to reach the goal with great challenges and also don’t want to miss the artistic individuality during crafting, then Pepakura is just the right thing for them. It’s amazing to see what can be created with a little practice, a good craft instruction, few hours of concentration and devotion. Paper crafting is without limits! One can craft masks and this is just a small task ... detailed construction of vehicles, famous buildings, ships, children´s carousel and even games can be self crafted.

Paper Crafting

Paper is one of the most wonderful, flexible and diverse material of all – a sufficient amount of it is available in nearly every household and also the required tools demand a laborious search at the maximum (especially craft scissors are often hidden). Actually paper crafting doesn’t know any limits, those who familiarised themselves with the Pepakura world will certainly at sometime get to a point where they want to leave the reams of forms and craft instructions behind them to join the group of Pepakura Designer. Future dreams? So You say!