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Those who are dealing with Pepakura will inevitably, at some time, find expressions such as 3d models or 3d modeling. For many of those who are not computer experts it sounds like threatening complicated mathematics, but 3d models and 3d modeling are just a part of that. How does it come, how is that all linked up and what are the basics one should know? The special feature of Pepakura is that one has cut-out sheets and crafting instructions to create many different things, for example : Paper figures, paper buildings, paper animals and paper cars. The opportunities are unlimited. The attraction of Pepakura are the vivid models which consist of front and rear, side, top and bottom. One can see these figures from any angle which are nothing else than 3d models.

Pepakura is 3D

The special feature of Pepakura is, the people who handle with Pepakura are already working with 3d models. Before one can build up fear he stucks in the topic and is able to train himself without much previous knowledge in 3d modeling and to explore the possibilities and the limits of 3d matter. All what the handicraftsman needs for his Pepakura 3d models are a printer and patience and a little bit of handicraft materials. In the beginning some 3d models might be to complicated but those who face the challenge will learn faster than they would expect. The experience shows that Pepakura-lovers quickly specialize, for example in 3d buildings, 3d motorcycles, 3d monsters or even 3d dinasours. A wide range of 3d models are available and those who specialize will reach the limits of the 3d world one day. At this point Pepakura shows its full value.

Searching and finding of 3D models & applying them to the
Pepakura Designer

Here, at pepakura.net a special software for changing 3d models into cut-out sheets which will be then simply printed out. This software is called Pepakura Designer and can be downloaded for a very low cost. Of course one can also try out the 3d modeling on his own but perhaps it might be too early at this point. We would recommend that the 3d handcraftsman should get familiar with the Pepakura Designer at first. In simple, downloading and installing the software and then searching for 3d models! Google has a big database of 3d models in many professional fields. For example there are many 3d models in the field of architecture and mechanics and interior design which Pepakura-lovers can use. Of course the user should be aware of the legal restrictions and should avoid 3d models which are prohibited. From the technical view the Pepakura-user should try to avoid 3d models consisting of too many polygons that means they should not be too big and round and detailed. The reason for that is the stability of the 3d model. Finally the 3d model should be able to stand by itself and should not fall down or collapse if it is placed on the table.


Eventualy, every Pepakura-lover will reach a point where he wishes to create his own 3d models. Few years ago the field of 3d modeling was ruled just by professional 3d experts. But now-a-days beginner also can try out the 3d modeling. Especially for them there are beginner-software and tutorials (training courses) available which turn the 3d modeling into a matter of great enjoyment. At this point the Google, with a Software SketchUp (it is really named so), once again comes into the game, which has many important tools that are useful for the 3d modeling beginners. It is free, can be operated intuitively and has an extensive library of different 3d elements. It is easy to learn and also it has a number of useful tutorials (mostly in english language).

3D-Modeling for professionals

With SketchUp its is easy to create 3d models of houses and other angular things. But of course this software is not the last stage, for creating more difficult things such as 3d cars, 3d animals, 3d monsters and 3d planes the Pepakura-lover needs to work with some professional software and to spend more time on this subject. Modo from Luxology or Lightwave are such kind of professional software. We would recommend first to use the advantage of Pepakura and step by step start working with easier tasks and end with the complete lifework. In other words, at first become acquainted with Pepakura, afterwards using the Pepakura Designer and finally getting to the 3d modeling.