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What game is going on here?

First of all, "It´s a pleasure to welcome You here!"

pepakura.net offers You paper models of artists from all corners of this world!
Our Origami craft instructions are made entirely in 3D and thus, not only very good to craft, but also unique in the net! Not to forget are the Pepastars, a craft fun for everyone, from kids to the professionals!

Now, go! It is worth a look!

Do You create paper models on Your own? Then this is for You!

With us You can present Your creations easily. Register, upload & ready! As often and much as You like! For free of course! pepakura.net offers You & Your creations plenty of attention from a lot of visitors around the world!

Who wants to sell his creations, can do this also with us. Simply enter Your desired sale price while uploading. In the case of sale You will get 70% of the sum and 30% stay with us. In return for those 30% we will continue to promote massively the dissemination of pepakura.net around the globe!